Better Books, Better World

Let me direct you toward an amazing site: Better World Books. Founded in 2002 by three friends from the University of Notre Dame, what started out as a small business has turned into a full fledged mission to promote global literacy. BWB sells new titles, as well as used ones that are collected through individual donations (from people like us) and from colleges and libraries around the country. A portion of profits from every sold book funds one of BWB's major nonprofit literacy partners, like Books For Africa which stocks rural African schools with much needed reading material for students.

In addition to raising $6 million for global literacy, BWB has saved over 23 million books from ending up in landfills. And did I mention that shipping is free within the US? It is. So head on over, check it out and join the cause. We know you have a pile of once beloved books laying around somewhere that could use a better home. I know Melissa does, too. Melissa?