Eco-Bags Rule

If I see one more plastic bag stuck in a tree, I’m going to scream! Okay, I probably won’t really scream because, well, I see like 40 plastic bags stuck in trees every time I leave my apartment. We’re using too many plastic bags, people! My grocery store double bags EVERYTHING. It’s like, Why can’t you just make one bag that’s strong enough for my eggs and milk? Why do we need two?!

Can you tell that I’m totally with this Texas lawmaker who wants to charge people for taking plastic bags at the grocery store?

The only thing that can squash my anger over this plastic-bag nonsense is finding my own cool eco-bags (this is a place of hearting, not hating, after all). I’ve got some old canvas ones, but I’m ready for a more portable upgrade. I’m considering these three options, and I urge you guys to do the same:

1. flip & tumble (pictured). These I’ve tried, and I love them. I keep losing the little 24-7 bags ($12), that roll up into little balls (it’s so easy to re-roll them--I promise!) but that’s my fault, not theirs. They also sell a cheaper bag--the loopt ($6)--which folds up flat. I bet they’re less fun than the 24-7 balls, but still cool. Also: They come in great contrasting colors.

2. RuMe Metallics. The price tag is a bit higher on these ($18), but that’s because they’re kind of the Dolce & Gabbana of eco-bags. RuMe’s Green Label Metallic Line features bags made from a luxe satin fabric that comes in Solid Gold, Silver Lining or Purple Rain. Non-fancy types can get a regular RuMe bag for $10.

3. Baggu. A rainbow of colors awaits you at Baggu, where if you get 6 or more bags, they’ll charge just $6.50 each. If you order one, you’ll pay $8. I’m loving the diversification of the Baggu line, from the Chevron-patterned bags to  the Baby Baggu collection ($6 each, and totally adorable). All Baggus fold up small in a pocket-sized pouch.

I’m trying to convince you with cute product ideas, but if you’re still unmoved, check out this facebook list of scary plastic bag stats. They’re evil.

Happy saving the planet!