Finger Locket Love

There’s a jewelry designer I’ve been watching for a while on etsy, and her shop name is yellowgoat. That’s just the first cool thing about her though. She’s made amazing vintage phone necklaces, sugar and spice pendants, and a beyond gorgeous blossom ring, all of which I covet but, honestly, I can't really afford. (You may still want to browse her whole store and put some items on your wish list.) One of my favorite pieces of yellowgoat’s has always been the Good Time Ring, which allows the wearer to slip in a photo or graphic or anything, really, and display it. Think of it as a very functional and pretty finger locket. There’s a pricey version, which is gorgeous, and now--happy day!--there’s a colorful paper and plywood edition in yellow or baby blue for just $15!

The ring comes with seven mood cards which yellowgoat describes as “1. Breezy laundry day, 2. Today feels like a rainy day, 3. I'm a multitasking octopus, 4. Work! Work! Work!, 5. Digital happiness, 6. Sunny blue sky day and 7. Let me put my tired eyes on day.” And of course you can slip in your own image too. The ring can even sit on your desk as a tiny picture frame, if you want to rock it like that. Too cute.

You can check out yellowgoat's blog here to follow her style evolutions. I'm hoping for a cheap-and-chic version of the blossom ring one day. Fingers crossed!

P.S. The etsy secret is that "available" usually just means "ready," so feel free to contact the designer and ask if she can make more--this ring sold out fast!