Project Green Prom

You have the fabulous dress, the amazing hair-do and the perfect eye shadow color palette. But, back up a second -- did you think about those products you're putting on your skin? This is where Project Green Prom comes in; it's a great idea developed by Teens Turning Green that is dedicated to making your prom not only memorable, but also friendly to the environment. When you go to Project Green Prom, you can read comprehensive information and tips on beauty, including a list of ingredients that could be dangerous to your body. For instance, did you know that many lipsticks contain lead -- a totally icky thing to put on your pucker. Blech.

My favorite thing about PGP is its section on DIY beauty ideas, like using apple cider as a rinse to make your hair super shiny or rubbing your lips with chili pepper to get a plump pout. (I’m a big fan of Lip Venom, so I’m definitely going to try this out!)

On prom night, don't only feel good about how beautiful you look, but also about your little contribution to helping out Mother Earth. I love Kermit and he is a wise frog, but he was wrong when he said it's not easy being green.