StoryCorps: Oral Care

One of the reasons I like being a journalist is because every single person has an interesting tale to tell, be it a small or big one. Because of that, an organization that I really admire is StoryCorps whose entire mission is to record peoples’ stories on audio, so they can be stored and passed onto other ears and future generations. From a young girl and her mother talking about the struggles of dyslexia to the story of two teen girls in love, each anecdote gives the gift of an important life lesson. Stories like these show that the most valuable knowledge doesn’t necessarily come from text books or the newspaper, but just from listening and asking some questions.

If you have something you want to share, there are lots of ways to do it. If there isn’t a StoryCorps branch in your town, check to see if one of its very cool mobile units is passing through a city near you, or do-it-yourself with the instructions they provide. They even have a handy list of interview questions if you need a little help getting started!

Before Facebook, Twitter, Blackberries and emoticons, the only way we could communicate was through talking to each other. So let’s get totally 1982, rest our thumbs from all that texting, and give ourselves a voice again.