Susanna-Cole, 18, Meets NYC

Susanna-Cole King, 18, spent last summer in New York City, the place where she plans to return soon. “That’s home to me,” she says. During the summer, while studying graphic design at the School of Visual Arts, she started a blog called, appropriately, Girl Meets NYC. Her eye for beautiful visuals and her poetic sense of wonder has made her a must-read for all the dreamers out there. Usually, I’m a little jaded, but not when I read Susanna-Cole’s blog. In a recent entry on traveling, in between gorgeous images, she writes, "Don't go with a plan. Don't go to be guided throughout on a tour. Don't go to reside in a resort. Don't go for luxury. Take a battered suitcase. Take any vehicle that runs. And take to the road." Does anyone else want to hop in a car right now?! I was inspired, so I had to interview her:

Why/when/how did you start blogging? Susanna-Cole King: I originally started in May of 2008, to record my summer in New York City, but now I mostly blog in hope of inspiring readers, and I am, admittedly, quite fervent in fostering free-spirited and independent thinking, and resistance against relying on social standards to mechanically fill in the blanks of life. For me, personally, blogging is about forming human connections, even with strangers, and opening up a portal for communicating and exchanging ideas, regardless of physical and culture distance.

Where do you find inspiration for your entries? And how do you find those amazing images? SCK: Perhaps this is slightly cliché, but I really do find inspiration everywhere. The images are a result of extensive (and at times, obsessive) engine searching, and careful combing through countless sites for photographs that capture the essence of the given blog entry I am composing. Contrary to popular belief, I don't have any secret sources, and all image sources are credited at the end of every entry. Who are your muses? SCK: My grandmother. I am predominantly more inspired, though, by cultures and lifestyles, than specific individuals.

What do you want people to take away from your blog? SCK: At the best: inspiration, and for people to tune into their inner vision, and then be able to translate that vision outwards into society. At the least: a smile.

Judging by all the love on Girl Meets NYC, we think she’s succeeding. Go be inspired. Just don't blame us if you end up following your heart and road-tripping instead of working this summer.