Cheap and Chic Tattoo Style

Yes, I have a tattoo. But it’s tiny and it rarely sees the light of day. If you must know, it’s a honeybee, which is what “Melissa” means in Greek. I got it in college, it’s fading, and though I don’t hate it, I don’t really love it either. But what I am loving now is tattoo-inspired fashion. So, in case you aren’t quite ready for permanent ink, here are some less intense ways you can work the style:

1. Branch Tattoo Knee-Highs ($13, pictured). Designers Gabby and Tal create a variety of these socks in four skin tones, plus white. And they fulfill my fantasy of getting a serious tattoo down my leg, which I would never have the guts to do in reality.

2. Tattoo Flip Flops ($12). Retro skulls, flying hearts and red roses give these classic summer shoes from Mall Rat Junkie a much-needed edge.

3. Personalized Tattoo Necklaces ($25). The cute mavens at Lady Luck Rules Ok give you a variety of body-art-like pendants. Choose hearts, birds, Russian dolls or sailor anchors--and emblazon your name across the front, badass.