These Notebooks are Bananas

No, I’m not quoting Rachel Zoe, but these Harvest Collection Banana Paper journals ($9) are pretty stylish. They’re assembled with tree-free organic papers made from the discarded stalks of Costa Rican banana trees (or pinzotes), which would otherwise have gone to waste. That means they’re super Earth-friendly because no trees are being cut down!

The Harvest Collection journal (shown) is a classic, but DÄna, a brand whose name we will never attempt to pronounce, makes a fancy vegetable-dyed version ($16), and Forces of Nature ($8) and Florista ($6) also make cute styles.

Can you imagine keeping your innermost secrets on fruit paper? It’s wacky, but I like it!

If bananas aren’t quite your thing, check out Eco Paper’s mango and lemon paper. Not a fruit lover? They also sell coffee paper products. Caffeine not included.