Best of Beauty: The Everyone Lipstick

If you’ve ever clicked on the “What is I Heart Daily?” box to the left, you’ve seen that we promise to share many things, including “the lipstick color that looks good on everyone.” I once experienced such a thing, and it was called… Black Honey. Clinique’s hit of the 90s was the Almost Lipstick line, specifically this color, that looked so dark in the tube but somehow turned the perfect shade of lovely on everyone who wore it. And now, Black Honey is back.

There’s a new Black Honey gloss available, and I’m anxious to try it out, but the original version, for $14, is my buy of choice. It comes in a sleek silver tube, and is just a slip of color that somehow beautifully transforms my pale Irish face. Anne has confirmed that she wore Black Honey in the 90s, and it also lights up her tanner Japanese coloring. In fact, friends of all hues chimed in with praise when I mentioned the return of Black Honey.

Trust us, this will look good on you.