Your Prom Fairy Godmother

Deciding what to wear to Prom can get pretty intense--we understand. Maybe you’re a t-shirt gown kind of girl, maybe you’re more Disney Princess. No judgment here. Whatever your style, we can all agree that everyone should be able to find a dream dress, no matter what their budget. That’s why we’re loving Donate My Dress, a national network that brings together all the local dress drives to help girls in every area of the country find a donation spot where she can get--or give--a formal gown. DMD rules because it pulls together all the information from smaller orgs like the Glass Slipper Project in California (which also has a nice state-by-state directory) and Operation Fairy Dust in New York, as well as dozens of others all over the US.

Full disclosure: I still have my senior prom dress in my closet. I’m so weird, I know. But if I thought any girl would want to wear it today, I’d donate it in a heartbeat. Too bad it’s bright blue with a giant Minnie Mouse bow on the front. Anyway.

Head to Donate My Dress to find a gown you love, or give your dream dress another spin on the dance floor with a girl who needs it. You can even learn how to start your own dress drive.

Oh, and that photo? Yeah, it’s Ashley Greene, who plays the awesome Alice Cullen in Twilight, at a Donate My Dress event. She’s wearing an alice + olivia goddess gown. Very vampy.