3 Colorful Finds Under $15

I admit: I am an all-black sort of girl. Black goes with everything, and if you own enough black clothing, you can get dressed blindfolded because everything inevitably matches. Woohoo! However, I'm turning a new leaf for the summer and trying to brighten my wardrobe, so I won't be mistaken for a member of the Cullen clan. But instead of committing to one color, I'm into the color blocking trend that's been popping up everywhere, because sometimes you just can't commit to just one shade of the ROYGBIV family. Here are a few of my favorite, affordable finds!

1. Fred Flare's Risky Business Sunglasses, ($11, pictured). OK, so Tom Cruise may not be so cool anymore, but the sunglasses he rocked while dancing around in his tighty whites still are. Neon colors + color block = unstoppable combo.

2. Happy Socks' Four Color Socks, ($10). These socks make me feel...hmm, what's that emotion? Not sad, not mad, but happy! Just because socks are usually stuck in your sneakers getting smelly and sweaty doesn't mean they can't be fun.

3. Forever 21's  Fab Colorblock Dress, ($13.50). This is a simple tank dress with a cute bubble hem, but with three colors, it makes a statement. The flirty frock comes in six different color combinations, but my favorite is the black, white and pink because it reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. And anything that reminds me of food is a good thing.