All Natural Cake (Yes, Even Funfetti...)

Although Anne sometimes goes all out and makes cupcakes from scratch, I'm more of a box-mix girl. But I do worry about all those diglycerides and polysorbates and other unpronounceable things.That's why I was happy to try Naturally Nora's cake mixes--these have just eight ingredients, compared with other brands' 18!

So I was excited, and yes, a little nervous. I didn't want some cardboard-tasting cake with watery frosting, so I approached Naturally Nora with some healthy skepticism.

The good news is that I needn't have worried. The chocolate cake (which I frosted with chocolate icing in my official never-too-much-chocolate stance) was moist and delicious, and the frosting spread in lovely waves across the top, thick and creamy. Then I tried the Funfetti-like cake, Alot'a Dots, with rainbow chips, and found that it too equaled its big-brand rival in both taste and the all-important party-time appearance.

Nora herself says, "Our Alot’a Dots is the only natural confetti cake on the market and is colored with things like elderberry juice and spinach extract." (I swear, you cannot taste spinach.) She adds that you can prep these cakes in a dairy- or soy-free way, and their packaging is made from recycled materials using veggie-based inks. Grab a pack of six mixes of frosting or cake for $22.

Earth-friendly, healthy and--hello--cake! Sign me up.