Antique Key Necklaces From $2

I think the Tiffany Keys are totally pretty, but they’re also 100% out of my price range. So I went hunting for less costly versions, and here are my five favorites: 1. Erica Weiner’s Simple Skeleton Key Necklace ($30, pictured). The real deal--each key is different, and may date from as far back as 1850. Cool!

2. Fred Flare’s Antique Skeleton Key Necklace ($12). Gold tone, long chain and fancy shape? I’m sold.

3. SapphireSquares’ Antique Key Necklace ($22). Perfect for the girl who wants a little more flair, this tiny key hangs from a silver chain adorned with a filagree charm and a ruby swarovski crystal.

4. Anne Harris’ Key Necklaces ($25). These are more like camp-style keys, since they hang from cotton cords and include beading details. You decide the length!

5. Key Necklaces on Etsy ($2 and up). These pretty pieces start at just $2! Check out dxd0’s Gold Key Leaf Necklace, Key to My Heart Necklace and Gold Key Feather Crystal Necklace ($2 each). Then take a gander at Use Wisely by GlampireDesign ($10).

And if you’re inspired to DIY a key necklace, our friends at have you covered. Happy crafting!