Beaded Bracelet Bonanza!

I’m not an accessorizer. My fingers, my wrists and my neck usually always leave the house naked -- how embarrassing for them! But, dear faithful readers, I’ve taken a new turn, and become quite fond of adorning my wrists with bracelets... lots of them in the beaded variety. Now, onward ho to some of my favorites that won’t break the piggy bank. Wilbur will thank you later. Oink. 1. Urban Outfitters' Beaded Bracelets ($20, pictured). These babies are on sale and you'll get two for 20 bucks. Keep one for yourself and give one to an amiga/o for an updated version on the friendship bracelet, or keep them both for yourself. There’s no shame in being selfish when it comes to style.

2. Mod Cloth’s Let’s Bead Friends ($12). Measuring in at 1.75 inches wide, this cuff-like bracelet makes a solid statement on its own. Sometimes an accessory deserves to hog the spotlight. This bracelet is so ready for its close-up, it's not even funny.

3. Delia’s Amberly Beaded Bracelet ($5.50). These delicate single stranded bracelets pack a colorful punch in coral and yellow, and since they only cost a fiver and some change, buy a three or four and stack them on. The more the merrier!