Cheap and Chic Solid Fragrances

There’s something about solid fragrances that make me feel like a fancy girl. Maybe it’s their subtle, no-need-to-spray scent… maybe it’s the fact that lots of them come in delightful, secretive containers. In any case, here are five awesome and affordable options to explore in the hunt for your signature solid scent: Dream Angels Heavenly Bloom Solid Fragrance Ring ($30, pictured). A bouquet of pearlized flowers makes an awesome cocktail ring on its own, and the bonus Victoria’s Secret fragrance includes freesia and honeydew melon top notes.

Green Tea Solid Perfume ($9). This mini carved stone box reminds me of a vintage pill box or jewelry case, but it holds an aromatherapeutic (new word!) Green Tea Flower scent. (There’s a similar box with chamomile and lavender perfume here for $4 too!).

Marc Jacobs Daisy Solid Perfume Necklace ($35). The adjustable cord is a little hokey, but the floral gold-and-white pendant is adorable—and this scent is a perfect, clean, floral blend.

Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume ($9). L'OCCITANE makes the best little tins, and this solid fragrance is perfect for stuffing in a jean pocket for easy frequent fragrant touch-ups.

Butterfly Flower Solid Perfume ($20). Bath & Body Works have created a limited edition solid perfume pendant that hangs from a silver chain. Call it bag jewelry, call it a keychain, hook it to your charm bracelet—whatever. It’s cute!