Hear(t) It: Phoenix's "Lisztomania"

I’ve long had a love affair with French pop music. From Serge Gainsbourg and Nino Ferrer, to Air and Dimitri From Paris to Tahiti 80 and Daft Punk, there’s something about that French air that produces high quality tunes. (I’d like to think it’s attributed to their buttery pastries, but after eating eight croissants and attempting to write a song that sounded pretty much like "Row Row Row Your Boat," I can safely nix that theory.) Another band on my list of favorite French acts is Phoenix whose fifth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, drops today. The foursome from Versailles writes delicate pop tunes, with a veneer of synth-rock slickness, and the beats to entice some dancing feet. Some snootier music critics might label Phoenix's brand of pop perfection as a guilty pleasure, but I simply like to call it "Hey-This-Sounds-Damn-Awesome!"

So, after several listens and taking the the album's single "Lisztomania" for a test run doing various things like reading, walking, cleaning, one-handed handstands, driving and husking corn, I can officially announce it has been added to my Ultimate Jammy Jam playlist for summer 2009. So take a listen and enjoy this "guilty pleasure" guilt-free!