Hear(t) It: Yonlu

I want to tell you about an album that didn't get much attention, but that I think you should know. The story of singer-songwriter Yonlu is ultimately a sad one. Yonlu was 16-year-old Vinicius Gageiro Marques, a talented and gifted teen who lived in the Brazilian city of Porto Legre. Living his life mostly online, he was known to his Internet friends as Yonlu, and the music he made won him many admirers.

In 2006, Yonlu sadly took his own life, but left behind a trove of music on his computer that his father found. What you hear on A Society in Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre are the songs he recorded shortly before he passed away: raw, passionate and staggeringly honest. Tracks like "Little Kids" and "I Know What It's Like" evoke the sounds of Elliott Smith and Nick Drake. But though Yonlu sang in English, his songs were rooted in the tradition of Brazilian music with bossa nova rhythms infiltrating the album's landscape.

Yonlu's songs weren't written to gain fame or stature, they were used to communicate and express what he was unble to say, but only sing and play. You can listen to Yonlu's songs at his website or buy the album. Rarely do we get to hear something so pure and gently powerful.