A Stylish, Single Blade Shaving Starter Kit

When I first started shaving my legs, I used a Bic Daisy, which I dutifully replaced every couple of weeks. Then I graduated to multi-blade versions, and I was happy… for a while. But you know how those moisture strips can gunk up and get a little nasty? Yeah, that's why I'm glad there’s a new blade in town: The RetroRazor Safety Razor. This classic safety razor has a single blade that gives a clean, close shave. Plus, it’s got a sleek 1950s design (it’s been featured on Mad Men) and it’s eco-friendly.

The EPA estimates that two billion disposable razors go into landfills annually; Safety Razors use 97% less materials with virtually no plastic. I’ve mentioned before how plastic is lame.

After my first wet shave with the RetroRazor, I knew I was a convert--I got a really smooth shave with no bumps or burn. Also, I could fancy myself a vintage vixen with the weighty silver blade in my hand, and that was fun too.

Try a starter Weishi razor and a 15-blade sampler. The whole kit costs $27, and I bet you’ll be using it for years.