We Heart This Website: About-Face

About-Face states its mission on its homepage: "to equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect self-esteem and body image." Sounds serious, right? But About-Face takes an important issue and makes it digestible, forgoing textbook speak with wit and sarcasm, meaning you will both gasp and giggle. In its "Gallery of Offenders," About-Face displays advertisements, editorial photos from fashion magazines, and other media forms that are degrading to women. Thanks to them, I learned about a site called -- no joke -- Miss Bimbo, that is horrifically targeted towards teen girls.

The point of the site is to achieve superficial goals, and if you earn enough points, you can get a boyfriend, a new hair-do, and, wait for it: a boob job. About-Face brings so-bad-it's-funny sites like this to our attention and, more importantly, gives us the offender's contact information to write a complaint letter.

The site just doesn't expose perpetrators though, they also hand out kudos to companies that portray women and girls in a positive light, promoting healthy body image and building self-esteem. Yay! So head on over to About-Face if you want to get informed and involved. You ain't no bimbo.