3 Superawesome Summer Reads for Young Adults

Want to kick back and trade worlds with some fascinating characters this summer? Check out these titles--two brand new and one new-in-paperback (yeah, sometimes we wait for that price drop too… and don’t forget the library!): Mexican High by Liza Monroy (Spiegel & Grau). This one just came out in paperback with a cool new cover (pictured). Milagro "Mila" Marquez, spends her senior year at the International School of Mexico, where she encounters snobby ultra-rich cliques, easy drugs and, eventually, a few truths about herself. Monroy is a raw and real writer--this book doesn’t sugar coat anything--and that’s just one reason why it rules.

Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson (Scholastic). If you haven’t read Girl, Nelson’s 90s-defining debut novel, get that immediately. It’s relevant and realistic and perfectly paced. Then check out his other work, including Destroy All Cars, which is pretty much the ideal anti-consumerist love story. Protagonist James’s charming frustrations will make you laugh out loud and shake your head in recognition.

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (Simon & Schuster). Combine a beach house, long-term friendships and unrequited love, and I’m there. Seriously. What more could you want in a book? Oh, you want a main character with depth and charisma and relatability? Yeah, well this book has that too. Read it.