5 Affordable, Cute Skirts

[Update: New Cute Skirts for 2010 here!] I hate pants.

This doesn’t mean that I walk around in my underwear at the Costco (please--I’m a modest person!), but I do prefer the loose, comfy feeling that dresses and skirts provide. Plus, it means I can make that second trip to the buffet bar without having to unbuckle my belt.

Suffice it to say, I’m pumped about all the cute, flouncy, affordable skirts I’ve been seeing around this summer. The five I picked out are flirty, fun and--most importantly--they leave me plenty of room for that second helping of biscuits. Pair them with a simple white tank-top and you’ve got the perfect outfit for any sunny day!

1. Lulu's Notebook Skirt in Chambray, (pictured, $23). When you get tired of your trusty jean skirt, try this slightly dressier version, perfect for a night out or teatime.

2. Forever 21's Fab Chiffon Floral Skirt, ($10.50). The material is what makes this skirt fun! Wearing chiffon is like playing dress-up, but I promise you won't look like you're wearing a tutu.

3. Wet Seal's Bouquet A-Line Mini Skirt, ($14.90). Big red roses against black make this a romantic choice for a date. The only thing that would make it better is if the flowers were scratch-and-sniff. (Note to self: invent scratch-and-sniff fabric!)

4. Old Navy's Women's Rib-Knit Waist Cargo Minis, ($19.50). A super casual skirt that is perfect for the beach, with roomy pockets for your keys, phone and any sea shells you find along the way.

5. Chick Downtown's White Adrina Skirt by B.B. Dakota, ($37). A haiku: Adorable skirt/white with colorful flowers/I want to buy you.