Duh, Girls Are Good At Math

True story: I always thought I was bad at math. But in the 6th grade I tested high enough to compete in an All-City mathlete competition. To this day, I think it was a fluke. I didn't win, but a part of me wonders if I could've been good at math had someone just encouraged me. It's always been a stereotype that boys are better at math at girls, but finally there are some studies that indicate this is not the case! Two female professors at the University of Wisconsin, Madison have conducted a study on math performance in accordance with gender inequality. In other words, they measured a country's gender equality in correspondence with how boys and girls excelled in math.

In America where females have more rights compared to countries like India or Iran, girls scored just as well as boys did on standardized math tests. What does this prove? It means maybe if we dispelled the stereotypes of gendered intelligence, girls could be ruling NASA in the future.

I bailed on math when things started to look more like hieroglyphics instead of numbers. I don't regret that, because now I'm happy as a clam as a writer. But my baby niece may find a TI-83 in her Christmas stocking one of these days, in lieu of a My Little Pony.