Teen Entrepreneurs: EmiJay Hair Accesories

As a person with quite long hair, it’s hard to find a good hair tie -- one that holds your hair snugly in place, without being too tight or leaving the dreaded “dent." Two eighth graders from Los Angeles, CA -- Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark -- felt the same way, so the friends decided to take matters into their own hands, collaborating to form EmiJay, a hair accessory line! The girls have an impressive following of A-list celebrities that includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum and Demi Lovato, just to name a few. But it’s not all Hollywood, hair and games to this pair, a portion of EmiJay’s profits are donated toward Locks of Love: "We always wanted some of our profits to go to a certain charity. When the idea of Locks of Love was brought up, we knew that would be the perfect one to associate with our company.”

Keep on reading to learn more about this dynamic duo!

I Heart Daily: What inspired you to start your own hair accessory line? EmiJay: We both love hair accessories! However, a lot of them were overpriced and over-the-top. We knew that we could create something of our own that was unique and met the price point of many teen girls. [Eight hair ties cost an affordable $10.99!]

IHD: What didn't you like about other hair ties that were on the market? EJ:Other hair ties dented your hair and snapped easily. We also wanted something with a unique color that could double as a simple bracelet to compliment any outfit.

IHD: What inspired the design? The tie is so cute! EJ:The inspiration was the concept of making something simple yet unique. Each hand dyed hair tie has either a vibrant color that was created after a lot of experimenting with organic and natural dyes, or a classic color such as navy blue, black, or brown.

IHD: I saw that you guys are going to introduce headbands for your collection this fall -- what will those look like? EJ: We can't tell you just yet since it's a surprise! But we can tell you that some of our materials include Australian crystals, satin ribbon, and rare vintage pieces.

IHD: Is it difficult to juggle EmiJay and school work? EJ: EmiJay is one of our biggest priorities especially with how busy we have been recently, but we make sure that school work is always completed and that our studies are very important.

To purchase your own EmiJay hair ties, just click here! Happy ponytail/bun/braid holding!