Etsy Find: Sea Glass Jewelry

At the beach, some people search for hidden treasure while others search for soft shell crab, but I search for sea glass! Why? Well, it's pretty, and it doesn't creep me out like crustaceans do. For those not in the know, sea glass is aquatic trash -- bottles and jars dumped in the ocean that broke, and through the sands of time, has become smooth. Interestingly, most sea glass found today probably belonged to items before the mid 1960s, when plastic started to replace glass.

There's a great seller on Etsy, SeaFindDesigns, a devoted beach-goer in Rhode Island who specializes in turning her shore treasures into wearable jewelry. Among her 125 items for sale is "Nice Rock," a crystal-like piece of glass that could potentially double as an engagement ring (pictured, $18), a beautiful pair of vibrant green earring studs ($12), and an aquamarine pendant ($25) that perfectly captures the essence of the sea.

Sea glass is great looking and eco-friendly, so for the moment, give up your dreams of a Tiffany & Co. item and buy one of these. Wear it and you'll swear you hear seagulls and the sound of waves crashing -- all without the inconvenience of sand in your pants.