Hear(t) It: Those Dancing Days

As always, it is our duty to tell you what we are loving, and I am giving an extra enthusiastic "heart" to today's band, Those Dancing Days, a quintet of girls from Stockholm, Sweden who are my newest obsession. Their brand of melodic pop-infused Northern Soul could easily be the soundtrack to your life. Their biggest hit to date "Hitten," (video at the end of this post!) has the swirling sounds and nostalgic tinges that make your heart involuntarily swoon.

The five-some formed while in high school and named themselves after Led Zeppelin's "Dancing Days." But unlike Zepp's classic rock sounds, Those Dancing Days thrive on sweet power pop ditties, with the heavy influence of a Hammond organ and a driving dance beat. It's hap-hap-happy music.

As a slight side note, I feel like girl bands are over criticized. Critics often label girl musicians as untalented, merely getting by on their looks OR they're too talented, but they get dumped on for their weight or the way they dress. I say that's a big pile of poop!

So, I'm pleased as punch that bands like Those Dancing Days exist -- girls who play their own instruments, write their own songs, and whose personal style is tops. It's a shame that females have to even think about this stuff -- Meatloaf sure wasn't a looker -- but c'est la vie. Let's just listen to some music and have a good time. And dance.