Natural Toothpaste That Works

I’m actually not a one-toothpaste kind of girl. I switch it up, trying sparkly pastes or berry-flavored gels or whatever the new thing is. But lately, I've been feeling like my morning breath is out of control. I wanted a real solution, so I shopped around. And I think I’ve found true, monogamous, oral love (don't go eww -- you know what I meant). The Natural Dentist is an all-natural oral care company that sells toothpaste without that bulky box packaging (seems intuitive for a green brand) and without chemicals like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and alcohol. That’s good news, because -- hello! -- this stuff goes in your mouth.

I’ve tried both the toothpaste ($6) and the mouth rinse ($6, pictured) in Peppermint Twist (citrus flavors never quite work for me), and I honestly love them. They don’t have that sickly sweet taste like some regular mouth products do, and also I get to feel all good about myself because of the no-chemicals thing (check out the ingredients list, which is refreshingly short and clean). Plus, the mouth rinse is perfect for a quick rid-me-of-morning-breath swish.

Learn more about the company here, and get a discount coupon so you can test their action. Then smile that healthy smile!