Stay A Virgin, Go To College

Here's a controversial news item: by staying a virgin, schoolgirls in the West African country of Sierra Leone will be eligible for academic scholarships, making it possible for them to attend universities. Furthermore, boys who are found guilty of impregnating a girl will be banned from all educational institutions. This tactic makes some sense. The teen pregnancy rate in Sierra Leone is very high. According to the United Nations, 40% of women aged 25-29 had their first child by the time they were 18. The program comes from a good place -- trying to better the youth of the country -- but "testing" for virginity is not a class that a young girl should have to pass for an opportunity at higher education.

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. Though to us this "incentive" is a bit crude and archaic, it could just be a baby step towards the introduction of sex education for countries in Africa.

Baby steps. (No pun intended.)