The Color of Summer: Lilac Sky by Chanel

I would really love one of those classic Chanel bags--you know the quilted one with the chain strap? Yeah. But it costs a lot. Luckily, I can get my double-C fix in the beauty aisle for a much more affordable price. And I'm not the only one who's into Chanel cosmetics. We asked Jamie Allison Sanders, editor of The Beauty of Life Blog, about her #1 product for summer, and she also revealed a love for the iconic brand. "Without a doubt, I am totally and completely obsessed with Chanel Nail Colour," says Jamie. "My friends are starting to become a little worried about me, I think--my collection is reaching dangerous proportions!"

Jamie's color of the moment is Lilac Sky ($23). "It's this gorgeous, shimmery, uber-sparkly lavenderish lilac that just flows like liquid onto the nail," she says. Anne is into an OPI take on this shade, too, partially because it reminds her of candy (she's got a major sweet tooth).

While Jamie's snapping up Lilac Sky in polish form, you can also try it as a lipstick ($31) and lighten up your purple proclivity for the season of sun.