The Top 10 Cars Teens Want

Confession: When I was 15, I dreamt of a vintage Ford Mustang. I wanted the 1965 muscle car in powder blue. But when I took one for a test drive with my dad, its power completely scared me. It was more like a work of art than a car to drive. I opted for a used Ford Festiva, which is still in the family today. Though my friends called it “the roller skate,” I loved that little red car. It's not surprising, though, that when teens are asked what car they’d buy today, they keep voting for the ’Stang. There’s something timeless about it, and even the new version (pictured) looks pretty sweet.

I’m sure lots of you guys drool over Jaguars and Lamborghinis, but the question posed is a more practical one (“What would you buy?”) that takes cost into consideration too. Here’s the teenage top 10 most-wanted car list from Forbes in all its glory, countdown style:

10. Nissan Altima 9. Ford F-150 truck 8. Ford Focus 7. Toyota Prius 6. Toyota Camry 5. Toyota Corolla 4. Volkswagon Beetle 3. Honda Accord 2. Honda Civic 1. Ford Mustang (pictured)

Interesting, no? If I had to choose one of these, I’d take that new Beetle--it is way cute and more retro looking than the versions that came out a few years ago. And any way you hit the road--whether in a brand new Sweet-16 car, a parent’s hand-me-down beater or in a friend’s passenger seat--the freedom of being on the open road is something to savor.