Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Fred Flare!

Through July 31 we’re running Fred Flare Fridays! Every TGIF, we’re featuring mucho Fred Flare cuteness, and giving away a $25 gift certificate to Fred Flare. Suh-weeeeet! To be eligible for the contest, all you have to do is sign-up for the I Heart Daily newsletter (and if you’re already subscribed, you’re entered!). It’s easy, it’s free and it’ll take you, like, 3.23435 seconds to do.

This week: The Food Edition!

1) Smiley PB&J Earrings ($10, pictured). These tiny little studs may go unnoticed at first, but when people look more closely at your ears they'll meet two delightful childhood friends -- both sides of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

2) Pickle Bandages ($9). Any boo-boo you have will be cured by a little dill first aid. If bumpy green pickles aren't your thing, check out Fred Flare's huge variety of sterile strips -- beef? Toast? Cupcakes? All available.

3) Bacon Wallet ($15). Pull some pork out of your pocket the next time you spring for snacks. Warning: This wallet may make you crave a Grand Slam breakfast. Or, wait, is that just me?

4) Sprinkle Heart Ring ($11). This one doesn't ship until July 1st, but it's to pretty not to include. Candy ring! Candy ring! We dare you not to smile when you rock this.

5) Banana Cell Phone Holder ($14). Hahahahahaha. I mean, come on. This is hilarious!

Sorry, this contest is over!