Win A $25 Gift Certificate To Fred Flare!

In our books, Fred Flare is the undeniable champion of All Things Cute and Awesome. Many I Heart Daily meetings have been derailed by a visit to their site that leads to hours cooing over its merch. The Fred Flare love runs so deep that we decided that a partnership must be forged! So, from today until July 31 we’re running Fred Flare Fridays! Every TGIF, we’re featuring mucho Fred Flare cuteness, and giving away a $25 gift certificate to Fred Flare. Suh-weeeeet!

To become eligible for the contest, all you have to do is sign-up for the I Heart Daily newsletter (and if you’re already subscribed, you’re entered!). It’s easy, it’s free and it’ll take you, like, 3.23435 seconds to do.

Now, read on for our first installment of FFF: The Animal Edition!

1) Panda Ear Buds (pictured, $15). Why use regular old earphones, when you can use ANIMAL earphones? I’m dying of cute overload with these animal-themed ear buds. The panda ones are my favorite, but if you’re not down with the black-and-white bear, there are also ladybugs, pigs, ducks and grasshoppers.

2) Peacock Feather Earrings ($14). Walk around regally with these real peacock feathers dangling from your lobes. But don't get too cocky, OK?

3) Micro Mini Animal Stories ($6). Two toy animals and a nature backdrop make this the perfect accessory for you desk or dorm room. Will it be a goat? An owl? A squirrel? You won’t know until you open the box! THE SUSPENSE!

4) Butterfly Effect Dress ($37). This green and blue gingham dress gets an A+ in entomology with butterflies, grasshoppers and ladybugs on it. (True story, I barely passed an entomology class in college and I even ate larvae!)

5) meWOW cat sunglasses ($11). Seriously, who comes up with this stuff!? A pair of sunglasses that fold and convert from shades to a cat! We’re anxiously awaiting its cameo in the new Transformers movie fighting the Decepticons.

Happy Fred Flare Friday!

Sorry, this contest is over!