Bonfim Brazilian Wish Ribbons

I was lucky enough to travel to Sao Paolo, Brazil once upon a time, and although so much of the city's style struck me as lovely, one fashion item stood out: Bonfim ribbons. These colorful accessories have a 200-year history of making dreams come true. Plus, they’re amazingly cute. The story is that these ribbons come from the mystical town of Bahia, Brazil and they help grant wishes to all who wear them. Tie them around your wrists, ankles, bag straps, key chains -- anywhere. When the material wears down and the ribbons fall off naturally (no forcing it!), your wish will be granted.

Okay, it sounds a little hokey, but who doesn’t like to take chances with wishes sometimes, right? That’s why Anne’s so crazy about her scratch-off Lotto tickets.

If you want more Bonfim history, Travel Vice has a ton of info. As for the where-to-buy, Brazilets sells all the colors for $5 each (more than on the streets of Sao Paolo, but this way you don't have to spring for airfare). Pick up a few and wish away!