Brittany MacLeod, 14, Author of 113 Things to Do by 13

Brittany MacLeod, 14, is wise beyond her years. How can I tell? Well, for one, she co-wrote a book with her mom Terri. It’s called 113 Things to Do by 13 ($15, Harlequin), and it’s really smart and fun. Also, she gives a great interview. Don’t believe me? Read on: I Heart Daily: What gave you idea for this book?

Brittany MacLeod: Right before my 13th birthday I put together a list of 100 things I wanted to do before I turned 13. I was super excited to officially become a teenager and I think the list came out of my enthusiasm! I wanted to celebrate being a teen and all the amazing things you can do! But, being a teen definitely means more responsibility and part of my inspiration was also to celebrate the tween years and all the stuff you can do and get away with when you’re younger. Like, “put ice cubes down your shirt and create a new dance” or “wear all the same color for an entire day (underwear included).”

IHD: How did you brainstorm all the fun ideas?

BM: Initially my list was all silly stuff; such as “paint yourself green and lay in the grass” or “put ketchup on everything you eat for a day.” But, my mom and I decided to make it a mother-daughter project and she added a lot of the girl power items (i.e. “stand up to a mean girl” and “learn to love the skin you’re in”). We just talked a lot about stuff happening in my life and she recalled all the crazy drama from her middle school years. 113 Things To Do By 13 is meant to be fun but also help girls feel good and make a positive transition into their teen years.

IHD: How many things do you think you’ve done?

BM: I’ve done a lot of the fun and crazy stuff. I love to make massive sundaes and be the daredevil in truth or dare. But, there are also lots of things I still haven’t done in the book. That’s the best part of 113 Things To Do By 13 is you’re never too old a lot of the items in the book. I mean food fights are still down ‘n dirty good fun at any age!

IHD: What was your favorite part of writing book?

BM: My favorite part of book is I got to write it with my mom. Even though we had our tense moments, the experience of collaborating together made us so much closer. Plus, I learned my mom has pretty cool “inner tween.”

IHD: What do you hope girls learn from the book?

BM: I just hope young girls remember to have fun! There’s plenty of time to stress the big stuff like boys and college apps. Also, try your best to ignore the mean girls and gossip -- it’s not your fault if you’re a mean girl target. More than likely she’s got the issue. Also, girls need to learn there’s more to middle school than being popular. I think it’s important for everyone to discover his or her talent and work on it. Be passionate about something and it will help build your confidence. Also, try and look in the mirror and see the positives rather than the negatives. I am 5'10" and have been tallest in my class by far forever. I used to feel really embarrassed by height, but now I’ve learned being tall is part of who I am and it’s a pretty cool asset.

Right on, Brittany. Now go put ice cubes down your shirts, then check out the book.