Donate Your Shoes to Soles4Shoes

My obsession with shoes started off with my first pair of Nike Dunks in the second grade. I didn't outgrow my habit. Currently, I have about 15 (okay... maybe 17) pairs of shoes I haven't worn for years stored under my bed. Guilty as charged. But now I've found a great charity that can really use my poor neglected sneakers -- Soles4Souls. Based in Nashville, TN, this wonderful non-profit donates both new and used shoes to people in need. The organization started off by collecting shoes for victims of New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina, and has developed into an international cause, helping out 70 countries, including places like Honduras, Uganda and Romania. According to its website, they donate a pair every 19 seconds!

From hosting a drive at your school, to just donating your own shoes, I highly recommend exercising your altruistic muscles and checking out Soles4Shoes. We take simple things like shoes for granted, but in many places in the US and all over the world, shoes are an expense that some people can't afford.

So, a happy goodbye to myriad pairs of Adidas, Keds and Converse; hello to new under-the-bed storage room; and here's hoping my shoes find their way to a deserving pair of feet.