Fashion For a Cause: The Uniform Project

Sheena Matheiken and Eliza Starbuck started the Uniform Project to raise money for Akanksha, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping slum children in India afford a better, more well-rounded education. They could have just sent around an email, but these ladies are creative. Sheena, who’s the face of the Uniform Project, is wearing one dress -- a simple uniform designed by Eliza -- for 365 days. It’s styled in an innovative way with different accessories each day, but it’s just one dress (that’s July 3rd, pictured).

Every day there’s a new post, so you can tune in to see how Sheena’s wearing her simple black outfit seven days a week. They also tell you where to get the accessories and other pieces she has on, so it doubles as a shopping site.

So is Sheena bored of the same outfit every day? “I actually find it a rather stimulating creative challenge,” she says. “Having self imposed constraints can often be liberating.” According to Sheena, the site has inspired people to shop their own closets and get creative with clothes they already own, which is an awesome money-saver.

Beyond inspiring style, though, the Uniform Project is inspiring philanthropy. Akanksha is opening schools this fall in Mumbai and Pune, and Sheena and Eliza’s venture has already raised over $6,000 for the non-profit.

“There are over 7 million kids that don't attend school today in India, so its up to everyone to see how many kids we can put through school at the end of this project,” says Sheena.

You heard her! Go browse the site and donate if you can. We like Eliza and Sheena's style in so many ways.