Fred Flare Fridays: The Magical Edition

Every TGIF, we’re featuring mucho Fred Flare cuteness, and giving away a $25 gift certificate to Fred Flare. Whee! To be eligible for the contest, all you have to do is sign-up for the I Heart Daily newsletter (and if you’re already subscribed, you’re entered!). It’s easy, it’s free and it’ll take you, like, 3.23435 seconds to do. This week: The Magical Edition!

1. Unicorn Wishes ($15). This mini unicorn display set comes with your very own one-horned mythical creature. Keep him protected from those horn snatchers!

2. Magic Garden ($10). You may not be Hermione Granger, but you can still make some magic happen. Just pour a special solution over this garden and watch flowers, snow and foliage sprout before your eyes. In just 10 hours, you will have created an enchanted forest.

3. Magical Beans ($10). Beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you... Oh, wait -- I’m talking about something different. My bad! These magical beans grow a message as they sprout! Choose from four: thank you, hello, happy birthday and I love you. Aw.

4. Gnome and Garden ($17). I’d never really given much thought to gnomes until I saw Amelie. After, all I wanted was a gnome of my own to go home to! Now I have a little pocket-sized beardy dude in a red hat. I shall name him... Roger.

Sorry, this contest has ended!