Fred Flare Fridays: The Retro Edition

Every TGIF, we’ve been featuring mucho Fred Flare cuteness, and giving away a $25 gift certificate to Fred Flare. Whee!To be eligible for the contest, all you have to do is sign-up for the I Heart Daily newsletter (and if you’re already subscribed, you’re entered!). It’s easy, it’s free and it’ll take you, like, 3.23435 seconds to do. This week, for our final Fred Flare Friday of the summer (cry): The Retro Edition!

1. How to Be Popular by Jennifer McKnight-Trontz ($13, pictured). With real tips from the 60s and 70s, this book has advice on friends, boys and the ultimate ambrosia salad. Ha!

2. Toddland Chevron Backpack ($30). This knapsack screams early-80s day camp in the best possible way.

3. James Dean Sunglasses ($11). Wire-rimmed for that geek-in-the-sun look. These harken back to even pre-Ray-Ban days.

4. Space Invaders Key Charm ($6). You can order one of these aliens (based on a classic 80s video game), but you can’t choose your color or design, so it’s like buying a mystery. I love that! Also, they’re bright and cute and fun. Win-win-win.

5. Iron Me On Fabric Transfers ($13). For the sewing-challenged, iron-ons are like magical “make me a fashion designer!” pills. Check out this book with 30 pages of possibilities for your plain tees and backpacks and pants. Then get out the old flatboard and start your fashion empire!

Sorry, the contest is over!