Fred Flare Fridays: The Sweet Tooth Edition

Every TGIF, we’re featuring mucho Fred Flare cuteness, and giving away a $25 gift certificate to Fred Flare. Whee! To be eligible for the contest, all you have to do is sign-up for the I Heart Daily newsletter (and if you’re already subscribed, you’re entered!). It’s easy, it’s free and it’ll take you, like, 3.23435 seconds to do. This week: The Sweet Tooth Edition!

1. Dessert Erasers (pictured, $12). Math can be annoying. All those formulas and equations always gave me a headache, but cheer up! Now you can make your mistakes a cheerful experience with these erasers in the shape of ice cream, cake and popsicles!

2. Hostess Cupcake Coin Purse ($18). It’s the hostess with the mostest, and now you can keep you money where the creamy filling would go. Sweet (literally!).

3. Ice Cream Lamp ($48). Oh meh gawd. It’s as if my ultimate dream has come true -- a giant ice cream lamp! It measures over two feet tall, and is the perfect bedroom accessory. Of course, I’d be happier if it were edible, but that would just be rather indulgent (not to mention, asking for a tummyache). It is available on 8/15, so pre-order while it's still in stock!

4. Giant Cupcake Mold ($40). Cake or cupcakes... cake or cupcakes... the painful agony of this choice! Now you can have it both ways with this giant cupcake mold that you can cut into cake pieces. Thank goodness for compromises.

5. Essential Chocolate Chip Cookbook ($17.95). Chocolate chips are the backbone of cookies; without them, life would be less delicious. This book has 45 recipes, not just for cookies, but for cakes, tarts and brownies. So get out your baker’s hat and start mixing up a storm that will result in absolute glory for your sweet tooth.

Sorry, this contest is over!