How Health Care Reform Could Affect You

President Obama's health care reform has been a hot topic in national news lately. Here's a piece of information that could directly affect you. Currently, the president plans to expand the intact Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, but this still would exclude the topic of sexually transmitted diseases. However, a new Healthy Teen Initiative has been proposed that would include STD preventative education.

In addition, the Healthy Teen Initiative would create strategies to, "reduce teen pregnancy, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections, and comprehensively address a range of teen sexuality issues, and build life-long skills to promote good sexual and reproductive health throughout a person's life-cycle.”

Sounds pretty reasonable, right? So why is this a big deal? Well, in the last 10 years, the government has pumped over $1 billion into abstinence-only education. The passing of this initiative would make teen sex a more comprehensive sexual education program. Obviously, not having sex means no STDs or unwanted pregnancies, but is it realistic? Let's hope the folks on Capitol Hill finally get a grip on teen health. Or at least watch an episode of Gossip Girl.