Sarah Dessen Hearts...

Author Sarah Dessen writes about teen heartache, family issues and the complexity of friendship in her awesome oeuvre of bestselling novels. I’ve read her latest, Along for the Ride (Viking Children's), and let me just say: Love. The Chapel Hill, North Carolina native is sparkling, friendly and funny, so of course we had to ask her about her latest Dessen obsessions. Below, a few things she’s hearting this summer:

1. Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Lip Gloss ($26). "I didn't think anything could win me over from my loyalty to Stila. I was wrong. This lip gloss has a perfect little brush, great shine, and lets even us regular girls have something Dior. Nice."

2. Avocados. "Lately, my local Whole Foods has been running crazy specials on the vegetable that made guacamole famous. Ten for ten dollars? I'm in! I slice them up and put them on salads, mash them to spread on turkey sandwiches, and sometimes leave them to rot in the fruit bowl. But at a dollar a shot, at least I feel less guilty."

3. Chopped on the Food Network. "This is like Top Chef for people with really short attention spans. No need to keep up with who's in or out over the weeks: each episode starts with three contestants, has crazy food challenges, and whittles down to a winner over an hour. Plus, it's hosted by Ted from Queer Eye. What's not to love?"

4. Chris Cuomo from Good Morning America. "I'm a GMA fan from way back, but I've always been more of a Sam Champion girl. Since I added Chris on Twitter, though, he's totally won my heart with his news of his garden and family life. Plus, he's scared of heights and loves to eat. Just like me!"

If it were possible to like Sarah more, that would happen for me right about now. How cool is she? And, full disclosure, she and I were on a magazine cover together this year (thrill of my life).

Read her blog, follow her on twitter, and of course—check out her books. You won’t be sorry.