Rings, Comic Books and Quirky Little Aliens

Promspleen’s Amy Beth Wegenaar pens cheeky comics about life’s quirks, in hopes, she says, of “obtaining a cult following.” Luckily for us, her craftiness spins off into the world of supercute merchandise. Meet Amy’s character rings ($6 each, pictured). I'm especially into fang-tastic today, but I may have to get three or four, to match different moods. Here's how the rings started: “I have always drawn little comics,” says Amy. “A friend approached me to draw some characters for his sister's sweet 16 -- it was themed sweet and sour.” She created a new style of drawing especially for this project. And she ran with it. “Most are based off friends, and some from thin air,” says Amy.

For a quick treat, see Amy’s entire gallery of characters on facebook, and flip through her quirky comics (“who knew,” about aliens with crafty skills, is a personal favorite). Just make sure you block out a few minutes, because you're gonna wanna browse them all.