The Most Comfortable Sneakers Ever

Tis the season for cool sneakers. Then again, when is it not? I have a new favorite pair however, not just for cuteness, but also for comfort -- Fei Yue Wushu Shoes ($15). They have a classic, easy white-sneak look, and they are light as a feather. That’s because they’re made for Wushu and Tai Chi practice -- both are martial arts that combine combat with grace. So, you know, there’s a lot of jumping around and you need to be light on your feet for such things.

I am not a martial artist, sadly, but I can still appreciate the cloud-like feeling of walking in these shoes. They’re made of canvas with a rubber bottom sole, and there’s extra cushioning inside.

And did I mention that they cost $15? That's like the price of sneakers you get as a kid at a discount store. But these are all grown up and pretty. Bargain alert!

Trust me, if you're looking for a chic sneaker on the cheap that delivers major comfort, this is it.