When Teens Interview Rock Stars

This book isn’t new, but it’s very cool. Besides, I just found it, so it’s new to me. Off The Bus and on the Record (Zest, $19) is a collection of 22 rock interviews by young journalists. When four Florida-based teenagers -- Jaime, Amanda, Zac and Brittany Rich -- started a TV show for a local Boca Raton network, they got to interview all the big names that came through town, including Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance and one of our favorites, Charlotte Sometimes. The best interviews are compiled in Off the Bus and on the Record, an Almost Famous-esque book that lets us in on the back story of each interview, bloopers and band quirks. For example: The guys from OK Go talk a mile a minute and Rooney’s Robert Schwartzman likes to wear an eyeglass-nose-mustache mask. Good to know!

Young writers, heart and rock stars… what more do you want in a summer read?