Yes To Carrots? Yes to Great Skin!

Growing up, we were always told carrots would keep our eyesight at 20/20. Well, guess what? I ate carrots, and now all I have are these lousy contacts that dry my eyes out. But my bitterness is fading because of the beauty line Yes To Carrots. Made especially for normal to dry skin, its body, hand, hair and face products contain the powerful anti-oxidant Beta-Carotene (the stuff that’s good for us in carrots!) to protect our skin from daily damage.

We love the C Me Shine lip glosses ($6.49 each), not only because they make our lips shiny, but also because a portion of beeswax used is from the Tung Teya community in Africa. The proceeds from the sale of the beeswax help build schools and improve health care.But it doesn’t stop there -- no siree!

There’s also Yes to Tomatoes for oily/combination skin, and Yes To Cucumbers for normal to sensitive skin. All lines contain Dead Sea Minerals to keep you skin looking healthy and purdy. Plus, none of the products contain those yucky parabens, pthalates, phenels or petroleum.

To add an extra do-gooder star to Yes To, all the fruits and vegetables used are from certified organic farmers, which means pesticide-free, natural goodness for your body.

Now, who feels like eating a salad?