Japanese Nail Art

Though I may dress exclusively in neutral colors, I've always been more daring when it comes to my nails. I prefer hues so bright and bold that my fingers could guide me out of a cave. Because of this, I've always wanted to try Japanese Nail Art. In Japan, girls go bonkers for the intricate and crazy designs that turn nails into 10 mini masterpieces of pop design, often with 3-D elements. From food to skulls to crystals and animals, no theme is untouched.

I never knew where to find this sort of salon stateside, but I found a site called Kawaii Nails based in Portland, OR (kawaii means cute in Japanese) that sells imported nail sets made by artists in Beijing, China and Japan. Because of my sweet tooth, I immediately went for the The 3D Cupcake Dangle (pictured, $39.95). Ranging from $25 to $50, these nails aren't for the timid or for those who prefer a ladylike french manicure, but if you're more Lady Gaga than Katie Holmes, go for it!

And if you're not ready to make the jump into crazynail-land, may we suggest some simple nail decals? Baby steps.