Paper Heart's Charlyne Yi's Top 5 Soundtracks

What is love? Does it exist? PLEASE TELL ME THE ANSWER!!! In the new film Paper Heart, Charlyne Yi -- a cynical naysayer of love -- sets out on a mission to try to understand what love is through interviewing and talking to people across America. She, herself, is doubtful, but along the way meets Michael Cera (played by Michael Cera!) and the two start dating in front the cameras. I won’t give away the ending (duh), but what unfolds is a cute love story that won’t make you gag or be depressed that you are single.

You might remember Charlyne from her small, albeit hilarious, role in Knocked Up. More than just a talented writer/actress, she and Michael actually penned the entire soundtrack for Paper Heart! So, we asked her to list her favorite soundtracks of all-time. I agree with her assessments. Read on for her picks!

1. Paper Heart

"The music is pretty bodacious." (Available on iTunes now!)

2. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

"I love writing to this music score. Especially the theme song."

3. Edward Scissorhands

"The music is just whimsical. The choir, the instrumentation... is just beautiful. It's really a magical soundtrack. Takes your brain and heart on an adventure."

4. Dirty Dancing

"I love all the songs chosen for this movie. They make me want to dance. Dance dirty."

5. Once Upon a Time in America "The theme song is absolutely heartbreaking. Maybe because I attach it to the memory of the the film."