RED Hearts: Get an Odd Job


RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today. Today's RED Hearts post is from Cindy Morand, 20, reporting from New York, NY, who's found a new job-hunting site perfect for the young and the restless:

This recession is drastically affecting all of us -- especially us students. A lot of us couldn’t find summer jobs, and now we need back-to-school money. Being able to afford things is a great feeling. Trust me, I know.

Some of my friends are still seeking employment and no luck. They’ve been told they’re “unskilled” or don’t have enough experience. And we are left to wonder, are there any jobs out there for teenagers who are eager to work for those very same skills and experience?

Then I found this website, Odd Job Nation, a collection of quick, fun ways to earn extra money.* The jobs are eccentric and usually one-offs, like singing a tune for $50 or playing against “the foosball master” at someone’s office, or helping cut a tree. But having someone to pay you to do these things for an hour or two is not a bad job at all, right?

And who knows: You just might stumble on some of this coveted experience or even a future career. One of the ads is for a psychic assistant. The description says that one should be a “kooky, psychic, over-the-top, Janice Dickinson type.” I am not saying that is your dream job -- or that you are anything like Janice Dickinson -- but hey, if it’s a way to buy your books?

You can also sell raffle tickets, a job that’s “great for college & high school students and people who know a lot of people.” So if you’re popular, this might not necessarily be your ideal career -- but it just might be your, um, ticket.

* IHD note: Not to be all over-protective, but remember, for safety, that if you sign on for an odd job, you should tell a friend exactly where you are, and tell the hirer that you've done so.

RED Hearts guest poster Cindy Morand is an author of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today, which was recently published in paperback.