Warning: Tanning Beds Cause Cancer

A report that came out last week shows that the ultraviolet radiation from tanning beds are a serious cancer risk, ranking with arsenic and mustard gas! Dude, mustard gas?! An analysis of 20 studies shows that the risk of skin cancer goes up 75 percent if you start using tanning beds before you’re 30. You know what this means: Don’t tan this way! I've always been suspicious of these tubular glowing beds, and I'm glad this information is getting out there.

For those of you born with darker coloring, enjoy that nature-given sun-kiss. For the ghost-skins out there, maybe we can bring back the trend of paleness and parasols? We can call ourselves Cullens. I’m all for it.

But if you must get the glow, visit the tanning aisle of your local drug store for options. Let us point you to a lovely Bonne Bell product recommended by our friend Amber from Beauty Blogging Junkie.

Seriously, if you go to tanning beds, stop now. Please?