Teenagers Write Killer Six-Word Memoirs

I've adored SMITH Mag's six-word memoirs for a while, and last fall they launched SMITHTeens.com to collect material for a new book written entirely by teenagers. In one year, more than 65,000 memoirs have been posted. The site is worth visiting daily for intense, from-the-heart writing. Founding Editor Larry Smith calls the teens who've submitted memoirs "honest and brave and funny and intense and awesome." That's pretty much how we feel about the book that has come out of these submissions, I Can't Keep My Own Secrets (HarperTeen, $9), which hits shelves tomorrow.

Smith says one of his favorite memoirs right now is "Living my dream, please send money. --Brittney L." If I had to pick out one or two, I'd go with "I'm only popular during summer camp. --Beatrice M." and "My scars: Everybody stares. Nobody asks. --Bonnie B." Or okay, let me just list three, because I also love "Two cheerleading sisters. I chose acting. --Maggie M." Truly, every page of this book has heartfelt, touching, chilling, witty memoirs. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift penned some six-worders, but I'll stop giving spoilers. Just get this book!

If you need more convincing, watch the trailer for I Can't Keep My Own Secrets below. Remember to submit your own memoir at SMITHTeens, and follow SMITHTeens on twitter to read one six-word memoir each day. I'm inspired. You?