The Best Mascara Hunt

You’re really supposed to replace mascara every 3-4 months, because it can get gooky with bacteria (gooky is a technical term). This may seem like a pain, but it’s actually a great excuse to shop if you are on the constant hunt for a dream mascara, like I am. My latest loves are detailed below – consider them for your next beauty buy.

1. Urban Decay’s Big Fatty Colored Mascara ($17, pictured). I always own one black mascara and one brighter option for the days when I’m feeling colorful. Urban Decay’s fuzzy brush works really well, and its range of colors is outstanding. Turquoise, teal, burgundy, violet… they’ve got you covered.

2. Cover Girl’s Lash Blast ($8). BellaSugar blogger Annie Tomlin mentioned this one, and I took her word for it. Good thing, because I’ve fallen in love with this wonder wand. It makes my eyelash volume look practically doubled. I even wore it on my wedding day!

3. Neu Lash. Okay, so this isn’t a mascara, but it’s eyelash related, so… close enough. Also, you’ll notice I didn’t put a price there. That’s because it’s $150. I know, I know! Pricey. But I have to tell you, it works. It really does. My eyelashes are so much longer than they were two months ago when I started using this product. So, if you’re ready for a splurge, I can vouch for it.